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60 SPONSORED STUDENTS- A remarkable journey !

March 27, 2018 by admin

– “How to write a letter” – SPONSOR CHILD PROGRAM 2018

‘Blessed to be a blessing’ through child sponsorship

Four years ago I had the privilege and opportunity to speak at an annual program of (ORCHID-Nepal) a social organization that conducts sponsorship programs to the children in need. During that time I had just graduated and I was looking for opportunities. I spoke about the importance of education. That day changed my life. When I engaged with those kids at the program, they were amazing and quickly thought of sponsoring a child. Despite what they experienced on a daily basis with, they were bright and energetic and full of hope. Those were the faces I saw.

Words from a Japanese sponsor who attended that program;

How we usually spend our weekend allowance? A gourmet burger. 2 movie tickets. 3 tequila shots. Our weekend budget can provide children’s access to basic needs of life. Being a child sponsor not only give us an opportunity to share, but also an opportunity to be inspired by your own sponsor child. You will be amazed by his/her determination, faith and dreams. Child sponsorship is a great channel for nation (or make it global) building, by helping one child at a time. So, #‎whyisponsor‬ ? Because, I want to be a part of a selfless world. If only each of us can have at least 1 sponsor child, I think the world is a better and happier place.

(January 29, 2014) The name that I came up with for my organization was AAROH, and undoubtedly, it wasn’t easy to get to where AAROH is now and the high-road was never really straight. With the knowledge gained from the program that I attended, designing a project was the most challenging part. It gave me an immense pressure and if the objectives are not met then the mission drifts. When you tell someone about a great idea, it will often cause him or her to think about it and in some cases talk about it. And that is a good thing too. But what is really difficult is to convert ideas into action and then that action into money, which is exactly what you need as an organization to survive.

Drafting a proposal and out lining the program was the first step and named it AAROH-“Sponsor child program.” The research took place identifying underprivileged  schools in Kathmandu. After recognizing 10 children in need and maintaining their profile I shared about my work to one of my friend who resided in U.K. Slowly my ten friends abroad supported the program.

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2014 (AAROH- “Sponsor child program”)  

This program initially found its roots among 10 children in need of  “Shree Manohar Higher Secondary School” -Kathmandu. 

Back when it first began, child sponsorship was focused on a single child – you sent money to a organization, and the money would be spent on their uniforms, shoes, bags stationaries and admission fees. Slowly after a year we figured out that this might not be the best way of doing things. However, the mild success of 10 sponsors does not answer the question of whether or not the program is successful or sustaining at its best. Every day was a learning. For the type and size of my organization, the amount of time devoted to unsuccessful fundraising really does not make sense. Creativity, hard but smart work and intentional networking are also significant factors.

-Golden future project Doramba, Ramechhap 2016

We realized the dimness of sponsorship program and reformed this program into such shape that supported not only one child but also the entire school and we necessitated research in most remote areas. Because it could not address the essence of quality education like getting back child to school, co- curricular activities, health and hygiene, proper resources and infrastructures, moral support and awareness of education.

Moreover we designed the project named “Golden Future.” The goal of the program is to develop child friendly environment for the well being of children by encouraging them to explore their talents and set their goals, so that they can boost their confidence and become successful learners. So with the spare amount cash collectively we run our ongoing  “Golden future” project to help develop the cognitive ability of the same children and the school.

The implication of this program is clearly seen in the picture below.

Project “Golden Future” was initiated in 2014 for “Shree Buddhodaya Primary School”, Ramechhap VDC-7 Doramba, Bodal. After providing sponsoring to the students with the collective spare amount and  fundraising we conducted three phases to form a proper school. We focussed from ground roots considering two components in the school.

  1. Internal Component: Participatory programs, trainings & workshops to teachers, health & hygiene, providing the logistics needed for school like stationaries, uniform to students, library development.

  2. External Component: Fencing and equipping all the classrooms with appropriate uniform furniture and other paraphernalia that enables a conductive learning atmosphere to understand the diverse needs of practical education.

Now in 2018 our program has now spread its wings from Kathmandu to Dhading & Ramechhap covering  60 sponsored children and more than 100 children in progress. Our idea in running this project is based on “saving a penny” where a trivial sum of $150 (NRs. 15,000/-) can support not only a child but also the school.

-Doramba, Ramechhap 2018

This campaign has only just begun and so far it has already received commitments from more than 40 people !





— Prasha Lama —

Founder & Organizer

AAROH “A rise of hope”




Name: Katka Cepelakova
Lives in: Prague, Czech Republic
Sponsored date: November 2017

Recently I had a dinner with my friend and I told her about a great gift I got for my birthday from my amazing almost husband. He “adopted“ a child for me. It is not a typical adoption of course, but a form of educational program aimed to support a  child in need by providing life-changing benefits with your help.

She was very excited about it and she adopted some more children in need too. So I had an idea to share this story with you, in case that there are some of my friends who would like to support education of Nepalese children as well and to make this step to help Nepal, the country many of us love, in a long term way.

Organization AAROH “A rise of hope” I met during my last visit of Nepal thanks to Windhorse-Rising association, which cooperates with it. AAROH are young idealistic people ,who want to change the world to be the better place. If you decide to “sponsor“ a child, it costs $ 150 a year, and your child will get all school supplies, school uniform, shoes, school bag, and all fees will be covered. It is also a great gift for your friends to support this thing in the name of our loved ones, us, who have already everything and we often think about, how to invent new surprise, something to make them happy.

Our son “SANJAY” wrote us a letter. When he grows up, he wants to be a policeman. May be he will, maybe not. But he can. And that makes me happy.




Name: Anisha Karmacharya Basnet
Lives in: Australlia
Sponsored date: October 2017

I had sponsored one beautiful child and I decided to take a trip to her school. It was so humbling. During my visit I realized what little I give through sponsorship makes a world of difference to the child and his or her family. Yes, I wish I could visit my sponsored child, next time when I come back to my country Nepal again.

One of my most treasured blessings in life is my brother’s total support. We all need cheerleaders in life, and I want my sponsored child to know that she has a cheerleader, too — someone to yell encouragements from the sidelines and offer a hand in times of trouble.

The trip ended up being a life-changer for me !




Name: Dawa Sherpa
Lives in: Newyork
Sponsored date: April 2016

I started my support for child education back in 2016 with AAROH in order to create a difference among my peers. As the saying goes, “If you want to create a difference, start from the scratch”. I want people to realize the fact that it takes a small step to create a difference and it doesn’t cost a large amount to make a difference. If our small amount from our annual income can get their basic privilege which is education then  why not provide that and help them to strive for their better upcoming future and hence, they can support the cycle of education for upcoming generation too.

I have been taught to be compassionate to other beings and I want to practice this by giving making a contribution to other being.  This is always a win-win situation as by taking this initiation it helped me to be a more responsible person. I personally know the feeling of not being able to get good education but thankfully I have this privilege provided by my family members, and I want to pass this opportunity to others in need. I am very hopeful that if more people like us step up we can open a door for more stable society for this beautiful upcoming generation because what good way you have than to change society through an education.




Name: Prakriti Maskey
Lives in: Irving, Texas
Sponsored date: May 2016

“I have always been taught by my mother that education is a right of every child and I truly believe it. Being a part of child’s growth and progress would be a very meaningful contribution in my life.”






Name: Nisha Manandhar
Lives in: Kathmandu, Nepal
Sponsored date: February 2016

I was always interested in sponsoring, but was worried about the integrity of charitable companies, and whether the hard-earned money I would donate would end up in the right hands and actually help families in need.

“Creating the atmosphere of empathy and goodwill, I sponsored one children two years ago on my birthday. My heart has changed because of sponsorship.”

It means something like giving a new life to a child. I feel that I am blessed to be a blessing to this family. You can also be part of this project.




Name: Palina Shrestha & Bibek Shrestha
Lives in: Kathmandu, Nepal
Sponsored date: March 2015

I signed up to sponsor a child with AAROH when I just started working. Charitable giving has always been a priority for me. I believe women can be a mighty force for improving lives.

As soon as I received gratitude package from my sponsored child I fell in love immediately and me and my husband had a sense of being part of something bigger. Sponsorship has allowed me to set goals for my life — to help the poor, to love others, and to be resourceful in giving. My heart changed and I am always looking for ways to give, I have become a much more thankful person.


When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.