Program Updates 2016

Program Updates 2016

1.   March 8 ( International Women’s Day)

On the occasion of 106th World’s International Woman’s Day, 2016 booming the slogan “Planet 50-50 by 2030: step it up for Gender Equality”, we, the team of AAROH reached a garment manufacturing Dhaka clothes located at Bishalchowk, Nakhipot, Lalitpur, Nepal, running under the management of a woman named Saru Mangmo Limbu. We were ecstatic to organize this program in supporting women to motivate them in their entrepreneurial skills. “Empowering women means empowering the society and promotion of their entrepreneurship skills will motivate them in their work” was our major motto for the special day.

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Saru Limbu feels honored, hoping her story will somehow inspire other women to live their dreams.. Started in 2053 with her own initiation in Dhaka and artistry, without any family support with a desire to support women like her she had lots of struggle.She has been giving love and attention to other underprivileged women in sustaining their own lives and empowering them to fullest. For women who are struggling to live their dreams and are fighting for their rights Saru has three words: “Just do it.” She says “I’m living my truth and living my dream, and I feel so happy I can share that with others. “I hope I can help inspire others. It makes me so happy I want to cry.”


2.  March 22 (HOLI – Colors of life)

On the auspicious occasion of Holi, the festival of colors, we visited the autistic (psychologically challenged) children to color their lives with joy of the festival. This program featured fun while learning and was also a platform for us to get a peek into the life of such children, to get to know their abilities, hopes and expectations. Further, this was more of a chance for everybody who was a part of this program to live their childhood one more time, to cherish the moments snatched in enjoying each other’s company and, most importantly, to make the children feel that they are as much of normal humans as anybody else with or without their illness.


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Partnering with United for Change Groups, a blood donation program was organized by AAROH with the support of Nepal Red Cross Society we organized a blood donation program.The program took place at Lincoln College Samakhushi – Kathmandu on 23rd April, 2016 where many young volunteers participated and contributed for the blood drive.


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4.   April 27 – May 2  (Research on “Investigating Information Needs of Earthquake affected communities in Nepal”)

Among our numerous other accomplishments, we at AAROH have also conducted a research project investigating needs of earthquake affected communities in Nepal in the field of Sindhupalchok, Dolakha ,Dhading ,Nuwakot and Rasuwa Nepal. In April of 2016, CEDIM sent a small team of researchers to Nepal. The team visited eight of the most affected districts to conduct further interviews with government officials, police, radio stations, journalists, and local businesses. AAROH conducted and translated the interviews and provided invaluable logistical support.



5.  May 8 (Sponsor a Child- Follow up)

“Sponsor a child program” aims to provide needy children by providing life-changing benefits with the help of sponsors. This program is not only about supporting the children, it is an up-to-date process where we manage, monitor, and evaluate progress of our children to track updates. Hence, we conducted our follow up program in Shree Mahakali Primary School on 8th May 2016. In this program we tracked the progress of sponsored child and collected updated data of all the children.

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6.  July 6 (Sunaulo Bhawishya Project – Dhading- Phase IV)

The main goal of the PHASE IV was to improve the educational quality and motivate the children through the distribution of school uniforms (T-shirt, Trousers & Shoes). The program focused on connecting students to outdoor environment developing a more effective way of quality education. In the program different activities such as children counseling, prize distribution, infrastructure development, documentation, interaction with community member, refreshment program, development of child friendly environment were conducted. (supported by Kingston University – Nepali batch society)

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7.  28th August, 2016 (Melodies for Nepal)

Melodies For Nepal is an unplugged Charity Event held on 28th August 2016 at Feltham Community College LONDON. The event was organized by Namas Adventure- A U.K. based association with a motive to support AAROH. All the event proceeds supported the “Sunaulo Bhawishya Project”, while also celebrating AAROH’s international relations.



AAROH supported in a research project conducted by the Geophysical Institute at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany with the collaboration of Mining Engineering Department at the Middle East Technical University, Turkey. AAROH conducted the survey with a team of experienced enumerator on the issue related to seeking and distributing information about transportation disruptions (blocked roads) due to landslides in Nepal on September of 2016. The survey was conducted in the Kathmandu Valley (Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur) and outside districts (Dhading, Dolakha, Nuwakot, Rasuwa, and Sindhupalchok).


9.  September 14  (Happy Faces -National Children’s Day Event)

The 14th of September marks the national Children’s Day whence the country celebrates with joy the love, care and respect it rightfully endows every child with. With the noble intention of bringing joy to the lives of the deprived, we at AAROH were delighted to organize Children’s Day Program on the very day at the Central Zoo with 23 HIV affected children of Baby Life Home Nepal, with the title “Happy Faces”. The program was organized to lighten up children’s’ day in the wild and to bring smiles to their faces and was focused on making the HIV affected children feel accepted by the wider society and to enliven their experience as a child from which they are often deprived. This program featured fun while learning and was also a platform for the organizers to get a peek into the life of such children, to get to know their abilities, hopes and expectations. (supported by Namas adventure)

The program was supported by NAMAS ADVENTURE LTD, a U.K. based Association registered in Wales 20 -22 WENLOCK ROAD, LONDON N1 7GU. NAMAS believes that the best way they can contribute to this outstanding cause is by providing a platform for AAROH’s stories to not only be heard, but also lived.

na Celebrating National Children's day



10.  September 18 & September 23 (AAROH Cup and New York Chorus Event)

“AAROH CUP 2016” is a sports event held on 18th September 2016 in Queens Bridge, NY. And “New York Chorus event “is a dinner event and musical program which held on 23rd September 2016 at Sunnyside Community Hall, NY, Queens. The events were organized by Yuktah group, a group of individuals putting emphasis on developing and uniting the youth together to be change makers who will undertake activities and able to reflect on how changes affect the different spheres of economic, social and environmental tasks. All the proceeds of the events are utilized in the development of rural schools through our “Sunaulo Bhawishya Project”- Ramechhap.


11. November 9  (Sponsor A Child Project – Dhading, Follow Up)

We were delighted to have the opportunity to one again visit our working district, Dhading, for another follow-up. With a motive to track the progress, to see how the school is functioning and discuss problem with the headmasters and student, AAROH team once again headed to Shree Mahakali Primary School, Dhading on 9th November, 2016. In the follow up program we provided amenities to the sponsored children, received their letters and discussed about their wellbeing. We also conducted an art competition and poem competition where we distributed prizes to the winners.



12. November 19 – 24 (Project Sunaulo Bhawishya -Ramechhap-PHASE III)

Blessed and fortunate to give back smiles and joy to the community again. Our amazing fundraising success of $5000 covered the cost of construction of fence to shield the dangerous school premises while also providing scholarships, helping in infrastructure development and to top it all, we concluded our visit with various co-curricular activities. One more fun filled service to add to the list of did-goods!


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13. December 19 – 24  (Project Sunaulo Bhawishya -Dhading-PHASE V)

The Phase V of the Sunaulo Bhawishya Project deemed as successful as anticipated and each activity was heartily accepted by all the students and teachers. This was the result of our planning and effective projection of obstacles which allowed us to efficiently tackle stress and time issues. Further, the combined enthusiasm of the students and the Aaroh Team allowed the project to be effective and fun.


14. December 29 – 30  (Project Solukhumbu)

The outstanding success of the Sunaulo Bhawishya Project in Ramechhap and Dhading highly encouraged us to spread our wings even farther so as to make the future of other deprived and destitute children shine as bright as gold. Indeed, the major objective of this project in essence, as well as its literal translation is carving Golden Future of the helpless, and that is the reason why we expanded our working area and reached Tapting of Solukhumbu district.

Our effort to address the need of educational modernization and uplifting the quality of services given by the government schools of the very region took off with research and basic sports activities. This phase was the pilot phase and therefore, its main focus lay in studying the loopholes of services provided to the students as well as the teaching strategies taken up by the teachers to best address the need of every individual student.

The activities conducted at Solukhumbu mark the beginning of our Sunaulo Bhawishya Project and its impacts are expected to be as beneficial to the community as did our Ramechhap and Dhading projects. The several phases that shall be conducted subsequently are expected to be easy in carrying out due to the successful rapport built in this first step. Finally, AAROH’s contribution to the development in Sports sector has helped in the recognition of AAROH as an unselfish and people-oriented non-profit.


When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.