Writing to your child helps to build a relationship with them and show that child how much he or she truly matters in this big world. Many times, the encouragement a child receives from their sponsor will be what drives him or her to continue in school and to accomplish more.

Make that special connection with your sponsored child today!



  1. Tell your sponsored child about you and your family (and send photos!) Sending a photo back with your letter will help your sponsored child to feel even more connected with you!
  2. Encourage them to study hard and stay in school.
  3. Show them you’re interested in them by asking questions. Asking your sponsored child questions will help them to see that you truly want to know them better. Ask them about what their parents do for work, or what their best friend’s name is. If they told you their favorite class is history, ask a follow up question like, “what is the best history story you’ve heard in school?” This is an opportunity for you to bond with your sponsored child by learning more about them, their community, and their culture.
  4. Remind them you care deeply for them.
  5. BONUS: send a gift! 
Did you know you can include small gifts with your child sponsorship letters? You can send items such as postcards, stickers, bookmarks, paper dolls, paper puzzles, scrapbook items, and stationery. These little gifts will show your sponsored child that you were really thinking about them and will give them another way to connect with you.

Hopefully your brain is full of fun ideas to put in your next letter. Your child sponsorship is making a difference, and your letters add to the impact you’re making. Now, get out there and write some letters.

You can send a digital letter using this link. 

Don’t forget to write #sponsorchildprogram in the note.

We will print and forward your note to the local office in your sponsored child’s community to be translated and delivered!


Or you can mail letters to:

Falco Cargo (P) LTD

Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur Nepal

Tel: 5542648, 5542513

Important note: Please include the following recipient name and phone number in the letter.

Name: AAROH “A rise of hope”
Phone: 9851144137, 9808448499
Address: Boudha

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