Program 2021

Program 2021

1. June 17 (Benighat, Rorang Dhading)-Phase 1

We want to take a moment to thank you all for your pouring love and support for the people of Nepal. Our team is working to mobilize all possible resources to the vulnerable people of rural Nepal who are battling the pandemic on the ground.

Our friend Sang Po who is great ambassador of France (Vajra Yogini) worked very hard to support Nepal in this crisis. We would like to thank Mr. Sebastian for his consideration and belief in our work. We distributed ration and hygiene kits to more than 200 families in Rorang, Dhading.  Covid-19 response continues on full speed.



2. June 25 (Tarkeshwar, Kathmandu)-Phase 2

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, there is another impending and devastating loss in education of Nepal. The expansion of Covid-19 left many children out of school whereas marginalized children suffered the heaviest burden.
To response these challenges we concentrated on supporting Phutung community school (250 students) help regain their education through access to online learning materials along with distribution of hygiene and sanitation kits like (soaps, medical face masks, hand washing station, disinfection kits and foot operated sanitizer dispensers.) We also distributed necessary school supplies to 250 students of Phutung community school. The items included notebooks, stationaries and all the educational paraphernalia as an emergency support to Covid-crisis.
We are proud to announce that, among the school of 250 students we have delivered one year scholarship package to 20 students in need. Many families of this school are vulnerable for whom it is a struggle even to make the ends meet. Our sponsorship program gives children the opportunity to learn and explore their talents. Through this program the students will receive basic necessities for education- books, school uniforms, tuition fees and also financial and moral support throughout the year.

3. June 27 (Lumbini, Mahilwar)-Phase 3

 The torrential rain continued this month causing massive floods and several landslides in 40 districts throughout the country, of which Terai and Hills are severely affected. Difficult terrain and harsh weather conditions and damaged infrastructure (roads and bridges) are current realities in the field in Nepal. Despite having problems in getting access to the affected communities due to flood, AAROH volunteers were able render relief service.

AAROH distributed much needed relief goods to 150 families to the community of Mahilwar. Because of heavy rain, we had to manage all the community members in three shifts to distribute the items. A total of 4500 kg rice, 1500 kg wheat, 750 kg lentils, 150 packets of salt, 300 liters of cooking oil, 1050 kg vegetables, 800 pieces of hand washing soaps and 150 packets of face masks were procured locally.
Much to this, in a disaster and pandemic left with nothing, even hungry dogs and monkeys of that community were provided food for a week. Seeing animals gave us relief and optimism that we will be able to continue serving them even after the completion of relief. The operation still continues and locals are also helping them eradicate hunger.

When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.