Program 2022

Program 2022

1. Rise of AAROH in Masteshwori Basic School -Bajura

Bajura is a mountainous terrain. Difficult topography and lack of physical infrastructure present a major challenge to accessibility and service. The reopening of school may be a delight as well as hard-won luxury for the students of Masteshwori. After need recognition, there was urgency to facilitate the classroom environment because the students were freezing over the bare concrete classroom. Despite all of this, we found out that most of the students were not able to pay tuition fees and afford public transportation. When poverty hits the hardest, it is obvious that 100% of these students come from a background where ends meet is difficult.

We mounted carpets and mattresses along with 95 cushions in 6 class-rooms so that each student can restfully learn and beat the cold. We repaired the monitors of each class-rooms along with some multimedia tools. We provided some stationaries so that students could enjoy their winter vacation.


2. February Love for Kids (14th February)

On this Valentine’s day, 110 kids of Dhading were nominated for the sponsorship program. 110 kids received one year educational support in uniform, shoes , tuition fees, admission fees and books. The program ended with celebration, refreshments and lots of activities.



3. Golden Future Project- (Phase One) in Ghairang school

We are so proud to launch our project “Golden Future” in this school. We will focus on outdoor and indoor school environment.

During the phase one we focused on providing uniforms, stationaries, developing curriculum, extracurricular activities and lot more.  More needs to be done in this school. While this is just our first step in the school, in the second phase we will focus on creating child friendly environment (construction, scholarships).


When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.