Our Team

Our Team

PRASHA LAMA (Founder and president)

Prasha founded AAROH in 2014 with a positive hope of advocating better education and sustainable living in remote parts of Nepal. She holds a masters degree in Rural Development from Tribhuvan University. Prasha is a consummate professional who has stepped up and taken on many challenging tasks. In the five years Prasha has revived stagnant leadership development program, done various research related works and has designed a sustainable project collaborating with students from across universities and various other professionals.

She is passionate about issues of social justice. Her excellence is demonstrated by the MANY projects and people she manages with skill and her dedication by the MANY hours of work she works to keep the organization going strong.

UJWAL KUMAR BHATTARAI (Research and development head)

Ujwal Kumar Bhattarai holds an  M.B.A degree from Shinawatra University Bangkok. He is the co-founder of Idea Breed media aimed towards exploring new ideas and innovation in real world. He has 6 years’ worth of experience in the financial sector. Prior to his role at AAROH, Ujwal worked in various research positions and has a strong technical, project management background. He is experienced in defining and leading social engagement and research strategy for AAROH.


ANINA MANANDHAR (Administrator)

Anina has been serving as the Administrator for AAROH since its establishment. She handles overall administration department of AAROH. She’s interested in associating her knowledge of the finances and accounts into the field of social work so as to make the best use of the funds we receive. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Tribhuwan University and presently pursuing master’s degree in business studies. She is a very hardworking person and she believes that spreading happiness is the best work in a person’s life.


SHREESHA BISTA (Program Coordinator)

Shreesha Bista is an avid book reader and a literary enthusiast who aspires to serve the society through the power of pen. She believes that the most powerful weapon to fight against any social obstacle is knowledge. Shreesha’s passion of portraying the darkest realities of the human society through various literary genres has been a strong asset in helping spread awareness. She loves to dwell in the beauty of nature and her inclination towards art as a form of expression is also the reason why she is empathetic as a person.

As an aspiring social worker Shreesha hopes to use her education and skill in the service of people in need. For her, smile is the most beautiful jewel and to be the cause of  that smile is the biggest achievement. Presently she is pursuing her master’s degree in sociology.

When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.