Program 2019

Program 2019

1. January 29 (Celebrating 5th Anniversary,)

There’s one day we’ve marked to celebrate each year.
“Five years of raising hope.”
Now it’s time for celebration.
Happy birthday AAROH !

On the 29th of January, 2019, we celebrated our five years anniversary with 23 HIV affected children of Baby Life Home Nepal. Our volunteers engaged them in games, music, refreshments, while also providing gifts. The program was organized to lighten up and to bring smiles to their faces and was focused  to enliven their experience as a child from which they are often deprived.


2. February 14 (Valentine; Love for all)

Team AAROH visited Mahakali school to share in the February love ! Numbering over a 120 students in “Shree Mahakali Primary School” Team AAROH and one our campaigner, Mr. Ducy, donated assorted food items and stationaries to the school. They travelled across local bus from Kathmandu to Shimle- Dhading and four hours hike to reach the school.

Mr. Ducy said: “As February 14 is celebrated across the country with many people exchanging cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special Valentine, we at AAROH are committed to giving back to the society specifically to aid the less privileged.”



3. February 20 (PLANET LOCAL visit to school)

I feel very fortunate to be in a position where I have the time and resources to help others and I wanted to make a contribution and find more ways to help people says “Irma Leung” the co-founder of Planetlocal. (

The program was supported by Planetlocal, a Hong Kong based artisan company that aims at supporting local artists, making incremental changes and delivering demonstrable benefits for entire communities. The company has been supporting many charities and working effortlessly to uplift their lives.

Planetlocal supported “AAROH-Child Sponsorship” program and intends to support our future projects. In addition to having child sponsorship Irma made a school trip where she donated assorted food items and gifts to the 110 students of the school.



I am happy to see progress coming along so quickly on this playground said “Faresh Humagain”- the field supervisor of AAROH. The preschool will be updated in three phase for the playground.

When talking to Faresh about how all of this work would get done, he told that some community members have helped. It’s been six days of work measuring, digging holes for posts, shoveling gravel and sand and some women that had been sitting around the pre school stepped up to help dig out the mud pit, this was a very telling moment.


Our kids got promoted to new positions.
New beginnings are exciting because they offer the promise of hope, the anticipation of change in their lives, and the prospect that dreams will indeed come true !
It’s their start of a new year.


When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.