Program Updates 2014

Program Updates 2014

1.   2014/2014  (Sponsor a Child Project)

Many under privileged and financially deprived families live in rural areas of Nepal for whom it is a struggle even to make the ends meet. Education for such people is an asset which is almost unattainable due to poverty and unavailability of resources. We, as a part of Aaroh and conscious Nepali citizens were indeed very much thrilled to connect the urban world with the underprivileged one linking the sponsors to the needy children. This program, that we named “Sponsor a Child Project”, is unique in its function considering the fact it is one of its kinds, and is based on complete transparency and noble functioning. This program initially found its roots among 10 deprived students of “Shree Manohar Higher Secondary School” but has now spread its wings to Dhading covering numerous other districts in the process. Our idea in running this project is based on “saving a penny” where a trivial sum of $150 (NRs. 15,000/-) can provide for yearly tuition fees of the students while also covering the cost of basic itineraries.

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2.  June 7- 9  (Sunaulo Bhawishya Project- Ramechhap- Phase I)   

We conducted the first phase of the Sunaulo Bhawishya Project at Ramechhap with the main motive of research and to improve the educational quality by maintaining a child-friendly environment. Our team efficiently conducted orientation on health and sanitation, various entertaining and interactive games, art competitions, classroom decoration, distribution of stationeries, sports kit, medical kit, library establishment, prize distribution, documentation and household surveys. Indeed, the Sunaulo Bhawishya Project helped bring out the children in us, the Aaroh team and rejoice in the bliss of childhood freedom!

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3.  October 28 – November 3  (Sunaulo Bhawishya Project- Ramechhap- Phase II)

After the success of the first phase, we, the Aaroh Team were highly motivated to go for the second phase as well, and it seems all the garlands that were awaiting our arrival demonstrated the villagers anticipation as well. The main goal of the PHASE II program was to conduct programs to enhance the teaching capacity of the teachers by training them about the teaching methodology, maintaining ambient environment in school and to create awareness about education in the community. We promoted safe and modern teaching materials, and provided useful skills while advocating in communities for demonstrating their involvement in the betterment of education for the development of village. In this phase activities such as workshop on Child psychology, Basic English & origami, distribution of uniform, toys, stationeries, entertaining and interactive games, infrastructure development and documentation. By this phase, Ramechhap was no longer just a project center, but had become an extended family to Aaroh.

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4. December 4    (Nyano Maya Project)

The arrival of heart chilling winter inspired us to share the warmth of care in winter. In several rural districts of Nepal, the weather conditions are extremely harsh; especially in winter. As a result, inadequate winter clothing becomes major lacking factor. Many people have to suffer cold which affects their daily lives. Considering this factor, we warmed our own hearts and the lives of the people by initiating the “Nyano Maya” Project, which literally translates to “warm love” on 4th December 2014 for laborers working in the brick kilns of Bhaktapur, Dekocha. We distributed 300 pairs of winter clothes. The program mainly focused to provide relief to the people suffering from severe cold by the provision of clothes.

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