Sponsor a child

Sponsor a child



For $150 a year you can sponsor a child and offer hope for a brighter future.




School: “Shree Mahakali Primary School”

Age: 9 yrs   /  Needs: Education ,Clothing   /    Health: Good

Interests: Reading and dancing

1. What is a child sponsorship?

Child sponsorship is a program aimed to support a child in need by providing life-changing benefits with your help. It brings you in touch with a child who could do so much more in his/her life with your help. Your financial support for their education will help them be resourceful and grab opportunities that would otherwise be impossible for them. This, we believe will help them provide for themselves and their family. 


2. How your sponsorship help?

Our sponsorship program gives children the opportunity to learn and explore their talents. With your ongoing commitment of Rs 15.000 ($ 150) per year, your sponsored child will receive basic necessities for education- books, school uniforms, tuition fees and also financial and moral support throughout the year.

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3. What’s it like to be a sponsor parent?

Charitable deeds like this mean many things to different people. It cannot be narrowed down to one definite answer. But we like to believe that this program will at least give you a sense of purpose, a glimmering satisfaction to your being. Sometimes the least we can do brings about a rippling effect in someone’s life. The feeling of being part of a child’s education and learning process is simply overwhelming.


4. Where do your donations go?

With AAROH, you can be assured that your fund is being channeled to make the biggest possible difference in the wellbeing of your sponsored child and the community they live in. With less than 8% of the funds being allocated for administrative purposes, the remaining fund is channeled directly to the long-term development projects in the community the child lives. It is impossible to solve the various issues regarding these helpless children without addressing the underlying needs of their community. Projects like building schools, child development programs, women education, connecting villagers and so on are among the projects we run so that the psychosocial wellbeing of your sponsored child remains stable from every aspect.


 5.  Impact of how your sponsorships help?

You can help a child realize their dream.  

Sponsor Parent of Bhawana Tamang

Story of Bhawana

A gentle girl from an astonishingly large family of 10, Bhawana loves art and aesthetics. She’s even more passionate about drawing and painting. But how can anyone imagine masterpieces on an empty stomach? Bhawana’s parents were already struggling to make the ends meet for their large family and they were only just being able to provide the bare minimum. Even then, education for her and her siblings was a luxury her parents couldn’t afford. Read more♥


Important note: When you complete sponsorship transaction  i.e. “BECOME A SPONSOR FORM”. According to your concern of interest and relevance we identify the child and request you to check your email. After transaction is completed we will provide you with full profile details of children which you will be guardian for the following year.


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