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From Bhumesthan village to Germany- Next big Thing

January 25, 2019 by admin


“An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves.” – Mrs. Lydia Maria Child


Presentation at Lion’s club Limburg Germany, 2015

During my previous Germany visit in 2015, there was one situation that totally overwhelmed me. I was in love with the country, my friends were more than welcoming and always ready to help and support. However after three years in 2018 I got opportunity to travel Germany again. It’s these unexpected moments when chosen in a right way, you can make a goal. And this was the right moment for me to conduct a fundraising event and to raise money for AAROH.

Fundraising success consists of going from failure to failure in every step you take without loss of enthusiasm, but I also heartily believe that more impact can be achieved through the consolidation of efforts.

Nepal Bazaar, Germany 2018

Before going to Germany I asked one of my very good friend if I could put on an charity event on the school located in Saarbruecken where she has been teaching since past 10 years. My friend got permission from the principal and in return I had to give talks and presentation about my project in each classrooms from grade 5-12. Going to school was a challenge for me. I organized a “Nepal Bazaar” a three day charity event with eco-friendly and sustainable Nepali handicraft items such as bags, note-books, scarves, pencils, felt and woolen items which went to the remote schools of Dhading and Kavre.


Presentation at Saarbruecken, Germany 2018

All students and teachers bought generously, but some did ask how exactly their money would be spent. Some teachers had also been very generous and given me donations.

In Paris, I introduced my friend regarding AAROH and she told me that she would write to companies on the off chance they might give me something for the corporate social responsibility. The response were very positive.



Working back with communities in Nepal.

Golden Future Project, Bhumesthan village Dhading

Reaching back to Nepal we organized two proceedings. The first happening took place on (December 9, 2018) at “Shree Mahakali Primary School” Dhading. As a part of our Golden Future project in the school our team efficiently implemented three days workshop on “Child Development Activities” that helped the teachers, students engaging them in games, music, refreshments, training them health and hygiene, while also providing winter uniforms. The beneficiaries were teachers, students and their parents.



Golden Future Project, Bhumlu village Kavre

We introduced our second proceeding on Kavre (December 20, 2018) at “Shree Janajagriti Primary School.” The main motive was research, need assessment and how to improve the educational quality of the school. For the poor, in rural areas their pre-occupation is earning of livelihood and all other activities are given second importance. In this context we introduced the first phase of our Golden Future Project. The project will focus on children in need with particular emphasis on economically poor background by providing educational opportunities. Children and young people from nearby Bhumlu village took an enthusiastic and active part in this project. Our team efficiently conducted various household surveys, distribution of uniforms and documentation. The project has just begun its first phase and still many phases to accomplish until we make it sustainable.

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“Each of us can only do the best we can for as many as we can and that will never be good enough for those of us who care!” ~ Rea Cord


– Prasha Lama  Founder, AAROH



When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.