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Kanchha’s fortified future

March 10, 2019 by admin

 Kanchha was 4 years old when his father Dhan Bahadur died of cancer. He left behind two children and a widow, Fulmaya. The family didn’t own much, but they were thankful to own their crumbling mud home in a rural community of Dhading.

With her new role as the only breadwinner, Fulmaya found a job tending someone’s farm. Her meager pay was enough to afford food for one meal a day for her family. “Sometimes we have to suffer, to starve ourselves,” she said at the time. “Food is a problem, so sometimes we go without food.” Struggling just to keep her children from starving, Fulmaya usually couldn’t pay her children’s school fees. But she knew the importance of education if her children were to get out of this life of poverty.

                                           (When Kanchha was sponsored for the first time.- 2016)



               (Kanchha with his friends. – 2018)

Three years after joining AAROH’S program Kanchha lives with his mother and siblings in the same crumbling home as before, but other parts of his life have changed. He has gained confidence and the financial contribution from AAROH has enabled Kanchha to buy animals. The family now has hens and a goat to provide food or offspring that can be sold or eaten.

Kanchha helps with housework chores like cleaning, fetching water and then does homework at a table outside his home. He has improved so much in school because of his sponsorship. For a mother who once couldn’t even afford two proper meals a day Fulmaya feels overjoyed that her son is getting a quality education now. “He’s the hope of our family,” Fulmaya says.





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