Important note: When you complete sponsorship transaction  i.e. “BECOME A SPONSOR FORM”. According to your concern of interest and relevance we identify the child and request you to check your email. After transaction is completed (Donation link: https://aarohnepal.org/donate-us-help/ ) we will provide you with full profile details of children which you will be guardian for the following year.

The feeling of being part of a child’s education and learning process is simply  overwhelming.


Sponsor a Child Project- “Our journey”

Many children and families in need live in rural areas of Nepal for whom it is a struggle even to make the ends meet. Education for such people is an asset which is almost unattainable due to poverty and unavailability of resources. We, as a part of AAROH and conscious Nepali citizens were indeed very much thrilled to connect the urban world by linking the sponsors to the children in need. This program, IMG_0405that we named “Sponsor a Child Project”, is unique in its function considering the fact it is one of its kinds, and is based on complete transparency and noble functioning. This program initially found its roots among 10 children in need of “Shree Manohar Higher Secondary School” but has now spread its wings to Dhading & Ramechhap covering almost 100 students in the process.  Our idea in running this project is based on “saving a penny” where a trivial sum of $150 (NPR. 15,000/year) can support not only a child but also the school.

When you sponsor a child you’ll get information on personal stories, photos and more via mail. We promote personal contact between sponsor and child, and then your child will send you a letters. Watch your child and his  community grow !!!

You can send email, photos, gifts or packages, and even visit time to time.For $150 a year you can sponsor a child and offer hope for a brighter future.




Back when it first began, child sponsorship was focused on a single child – you sent money to a organization, and the money would be spent on their uniforms, shoes, bags stationaries and admission fees. Slowly after a year we figured out that this might not be the best way of doing things. For the type and size of our organization, the amount of time devoted to unsuccessful fundraising really does not make sense.

We realized the dimness of sponsorship program and reformed this program into such shape that supported not only one child but also the entire school and we necessitated research in most remote areas. Because it could not address the essence of quality education like getting back child to school, co- curricular activities, health and hygiene, proper resources and infrastructures, moral support and awareness of education. Moreover we designed the project named “Golden Future.” The goal of the program is to develop child friendly environment for the well being of children by encouraging them to explore their talents and set their goals, so that they can boost their confidence and become successful learners. So with the spare amount cash collectively we run our ongoing “Golden future” project to help develop the cognitive ability of the same children and the school.

Now our program has spread its wings from Kathmandu to Dhading & Ramechhap covering 80 sponsored children and more than 100 children are in process.

AAROH “Sponsor child program”




When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.