Sponsor event

Sponsor event

Each year we host several events to raise funds for the children of remote schools child orphanages. We need your help in order to make these events a success!

If you are interested in more information on sponsoring one of our signature events, contact us.

Your support of our events directly benefits the children and the needy remote schools/communities. Thank you again for your consideration.

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 The Gift of Giving

A tribute gift is a special way to remember the lives of loved ones. One of the purest form of showing that you care is by giving. No wonder people consider this one of the most sacred form of care. However, even this care comes with its own ethics and there certainly are few things that you will have to take into consideration while giving.

  1. We appreciate donations of any amount!
  2. Whatever is on your heart to give, we will be good stewards of your funds however it will be up to us to utilize the amount in right way. With AAROH, you can be assured that your fund is being channeled to make the biggest possible difference in the wellbeing.
  3. After your online donation, we will mail/email the honoree a certificate letting them know that you have made a donation in their honor.
  4. Certificate will NOT be sent unless donation was made.


Birthday Celebration

*Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday Dear Person Happpy Birthday to you!!!*

With the help of our birthday enthusiasts, we host birthday bashes at transitional homes and remote schools. Our themed parties are complete with activities and games, decorations, cakes, and FUN for all the children in need.


The birthday includes:

  1. Food & Beverages
  2. Party Entertainment & Games
  3. Decorations
  4. Gifts to children
  5. Cake


  1. Birthday enthusiasts arrive to the agency
  2. Sign in, set up, decorate and prepare food
  4. Entertainment, games and dance.
  5. Light candles and sing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”
  6. Hand out gifts.
  7. Hugs, high fives, and goodbyes.


  1. Decide. (Tiny hands, Little hands, Happy Feet)* Happy feet takes place in most remote part of Nepal.
  2. Donate.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email upon your enquiry.
  4. After your online donation, we will mail/email the honoree a certificate letting them know that you have made a donation in their honor. *Certificate will NOT be sent unless donation was made.
  5. The event will take place in between 15 days or one-month prior the application.

It’s your special day and we’re so happy that you’re celebrating it with our dear playful children! But before we begin singing wishes for your while you blow out the candles, there are few things we’d be grateful if you’d consider:

  1. Please make sure that you take care of your own belongings when you are at the event; and if you happen to lose something please don’t put the blame upon any of the guests present to celebrate your birthday.
  2. Make sure that you make the payments in advance so that we can accordingly make the arrangements without having to face financial crisis at any point of organizing the event.
  3. If there is any special request or instructions for us to follow, do let us know in advance.
  4. If you are an “international sponsor” wishing to have your birthday celebrated here then do let us know in advance how you want it to be done and whether you want special pictures/ videos taken by professionals.
  5. Please note that beverages will not include alcohol- no alcohol is permitted in the celebration program at any time.
  6. Since this event will be hosted among children, please don’t smoke anywhere near the event venue and also please try to not use any swear words near the children.
  7. If you are donating any material item please make sure that it is not damaged or in the state of being damaged.
  8. Since you will be the highlight of your birthday event, you get to choose what menu/ decoration you want. We’ll defiitely try to make your birthday as special as you are!
  9. Most importantly DON’T FORGET TO SMILE!!!


When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.