AAROH’s volunteer program is  intended to allow assimilation of traditions. Considering the fact that we at AAROH have been working in remote areas focussing on  child education since our date of establishment. It is indeed of utmost importance that we provide the opportunity of going face-to-face with darker sides of the great human civilization and for the very purpose AAROH’s volunteer project has been initiated. This program is expected to be of mutual benefit to organization, volunteers and the communities.

Volunteering plays a very important role and are active and resourceful citizen base for making a difference.What matters is the presence of the spirit of volunteerism in the person. AAROH volunteers are also briefed about our standards for responsible volunteering before they begin a program, and they are required to adhere to these standards at all times, particularly in relation to interacting with children and working in schools. We measure the long-term impact of our programs and we work with community stakeholders to understand how specific projects support local needs.

You may like to try out volunteering for a day or maybe before committing to one of our long term projects. Both options are suitable for individuals or groups.

Becoming a volunteer at AAROH is easy ! You just need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Volunteer Application
The first thing you need to do in order to become an active volunteer is fill out our volunteer application. Once your application is recieved, the volunteer coordinator will contact you with the dates of the next available orientations.To sign up to volunteer with AAROH  please see our  VOLUNTEER form.

Step 2: Orientation 
AAROH offers volunteer orientation which lasts approximately two hours and will provide you with a tour and overview of our shelter and allow you to get acquainted with our volunteer program. This is a great opportunity to come and see if AAROH is right for you!





Many of the communities in which we work are a considerable distance from the main field office. It’s likely sometimes you will need a minimum of eight hours but probably closer to full two days to complete your visit. Despite this, where our programs are based, we are able to keep program expenses (lodging, fooding accommodation & travel) of our volunteers low and ensure these go towards meaningful community projects and local employment.

Transport costs: US $5-$20 per day

Cheap eats: US$1 to US$3 per meal

What’s included in the program cost?  24/7 in-community support, lodging, accommodation and meals during volunteer program period, communication costs with volunteers, ongoing support from AAROH staff, program supervision, travel costs to inspect programs.

NOTE: Regarding the stay we have two options; one is camping and the other is home stay. So those who intend to choose camping or homestay, they have to pre-inform us so that we can manage all the facilities. But where they exist guesthouse facilities can also be made available. Depending upon the communities and the school we work the expected volunteer program costs $100-$150 per week. 


From your first point of contact with AAROH until the time you finish your volunteer program, you will receive dedicated support and service from us. Once you become a registered AAROH volunteer, you will gain instant access to many information to help you prepare for your trip. These features include checklists and workplace policies that help you to remember key things you need to do before you leave home. Your AAROH Program Manager is directly responsible for making your program arrangements and helping you to prepare for your experience.

In the individual volunteering once you reach your program destination, our local team will become your main point of contact until the day you depart your program. While your AAROH field coordinator or field supervisor  becomes a secondary layer of support at this stage, we will remain in touch with you via phone and will be accessible should you require any assistance.While in the participatory volunteering with (minimum 7 nos) our supervisor or field coordinator throughout the entire visit will accompany the volunteers.


We have clear standards for risk management which we enforce on each program and our volunteers are placed with trustworthy institutions, organizations and families that have all been screened by our local teams.


Whether you want to volunteer and teach abroad, support environment conservation, participate in construction volunteer work, or provide support to teachers of rural schools, AAROH has volunteer opportunities to suit all motivations and skill sets. With a focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, anyone can volunteer for AAROH and take an active role in strengthening the community and development.

  • Coach and teach many classes.
  • Support in school construction and afforestation programs.
  • Provide skill oriented training to teachers.
  • Basic health and hygiene classes to students.
  • Support in clean environment at school premise.
  • Participate in opportunities to give back and support rural communities.

 Ready to sign up? Fill out our VOLUNTEER form.

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When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.